• 03.JUN – 09.JUN WORLD CUP 1
  • 10.JUN – 16.JUN WORLD CUP 2 
  • 17.JUN – 23.JUN WORLD CUP 3
  • 24.JUN – 30.JUN WORLD CUP 4
  • 01.JUL – 07.JUL WORLD CUP 5



  • Free national teams (no stars limit)
  • You can´t choose same team that your opponent, home team choose first.
  • All matches Home and Away, exept: Final, only 1 match with extra time and penalty.
  • The home team in final will be the team with more points in groups, then better GD, then more goal scored.
  • Free number of player, but any player can´t sing in two teams. If we detect that any player are playing with two teams we will put a sanction.
  • Sunday official day to play.
  • For other rules we will use the regular rules in the league.


Duration: 15 Minutes
Injury: No
Weather: Clear and nigth
Goalkeeper: Yes
Any player: Yes, only one player. Nobody is forced to choose it.
Substitutions: Maximum 3.
Time limit: Long

1.1. In case of a team creating the game badly, only the opponent can claim it stopping the match, speaking with captain rival and leaving to create again, the result and minute will continue where it was when stop match. Once the game is finished, you can´t claim anything about injuries, weather, GK, any player or subs (except less minutes). If you play a match with less minutes, you have to play the minutes left always in a new match

1.2. The lobby will be created by the team with better connection.

*The only way to do 3 sustitutions is: The player who choose the team and do tactics (captain for this match) have to choose ‘any player’.




2.1. Official day & time for league: Monday 21:30 (UK), for Cup: Sunday 21:30 (UK), 21:00 against russian teams. For weeks where you have 2 cup matches you will play Sunday the first matchweek and Monday the second matchweek. You can agree another day or time with the opponent in the matchweek (Sunday to Saturday). In case of not agreeing a day or time during the week, it will be played in the official schedule. In case of not having played, it will be given by victory to the team that could play during the official schedule. The team that postpone the match to next matchweek, will have to adapt to the next week’s day that his opponent tells him as available.

2.2. There will be 5 minutes of courtesy from the agreed time to receive invitation from the local team. Also 15 minutes from the invitation until the visiting team enters, once those minutes have passed will start match, if a team does not have the minimum number of players, it will be lost 3-0 the first game.

2.3. The captains send to “captains whatsapp group” the result of each match.

2.4. Both captains write in this group the players ID who scored and assist. 

2.5. When the week 3 of the tournament has started, the teams will not be able to sing until after the tournament has finished. You can only sign players from another team when the tournament has started if the past team captain is agree.

2.6. Each team may postpone two matches each season. Once postponed, each game not played will be considerate No Presented. The match will be postpone before 18:00 (UK) of the match day. There may be exceptions in case of problems with inactive servers. You can´t postpone the last matchweek of group cups and last league matchweek.




3.1. 4 divisions, 2 promoted teams and 2 descended teams. Each division will be Home and Away, playing the same day against the same opponent both matches.

3.2. There will be a cup (Champions League and Europa League) where we will play in group stage (home and visit the same day) then a final four between the champions of each groups. In semifinals you will play Home and Away, In the case of a draw, away goals are double, if there is still a draw, another match will be played with penalty ON. The final will be 1 match with extra time and penalties ON. In the final the Home team will be the team that wins more points or goals average in group stage.

3.2.1. Champions League and Europa League: 4 groups of 5 teams. Only classify the champions of each group. Teams that will play Champios League: 1º to 8º in first division, 1º to 6º in second division, 1º to 4º in third division, 1º to 2º in fourth division, the rest will play Europa League. In case of leave the league a champions league team, it will be completed with de first team in the list of Europa League. To decide the groups we do a list in order of positions in leagues, then we do:

Group A: 1º , 8º, 9º, 13º, 20º

Group B: 2º, 7º, 10º, 14º, 19º

Group C: 3º, 6º, 11º, 15º, 18º

Group D: 4º, 5º, 12º, 16º, 17º

Semifinals: A – C // B – D

3.3. In case of entering new teams or needing to regulate the number of teams in a division, it will be prioritized to give more promotions up to a maximum of 4, after which descents will be subtracted.

3.4. If a team leave the league, all of its games in the league and cup group stage will be lost. In the semifinal or final of cup if it has to play a round, that round will be played by the team that it previously eliminated.

3.5. In case of a tie in the classification, it will be broken as follows:
1. Goals average
2. Direct match average (goals away home will count double in case of a draw)
3. More matches won.




4.1. The teams to choose can not be higher level to 4´5 stars. Free team every match, you can`t repeat the same team that your opponent chose (Chelsea VS Chelsea). So Home team will choose first, then will choose the Away team. Away team can choose first if Home team won´t choose when are 20 seconds left.

4.2. Each squad can be 20 players maximun.





5.1. At least 8 players to start the game, in case of having less than 6 by disconnections, the match will be lost for 3-0

5.2. In case of massive fall of the 2 teams (some players of both teams at the same time), and wanting to restart the game, it will continue with the result that went.

5.3. Every team can repeat a game if it believes that the opponent had problems and acts in good.

5.4. In case of suffering lag, you must communicate it to your rival and only being the 2 teams in agreement you can leave and create again,in case of a team leaving it will be counted as disconnection.

5.5. Sanctions for insults. By insult we consider disrespect, ridicule, racism, homophobes or others. Insult of player to another player: warning, 2 weeks without playing, banned. Insult of player to a team or organization of the tournament: warning, 3 weeks without playing, banned.

5.6. If a team uses a player from another team or not previously registered in the Organization, it will be sanctioned with the loss of the matches in which it has participated. You can see every member of every team on the teams page.

5.7. Any team who leave a match without agreement with the opponent, it will be considered lose 3-0.

5.8. If we consider that any team makes a trick to gain time in the preparation of the game, it is considered lost 3-0.

5.9. In the cup if a transcendental match is not played in the group stage, it will result in a sanction of 3 points in the league for the team that did not dispute the match.